Zombie Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games

Zombie Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games

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  • - Required Android: 5+
  • - Installs: 84M
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 22, 2018


The country frontiers changed as WWIII occurred in 2050. As the zombie apocalypse war near to begin, Dr. Deemah inject virus into prisoners and made them super evil roadkillers.The neighboring countries saw an outbreak of undead infection w/h results in destruction in human race. The prisoners are dead & turn into zombie hordes and spread horror in cities. Now in this advance era of Modern warfare the Defense Minister signed assault contract with vampire hunter and order Air force and military to perform a target of Dead Zombie Outbreak Gunship project. The ministry of Defense sent Spec Ops at frontline and start counter strike on zombie apocalypse. Now it’s time to choose insane AC 130 arsenal of modern combat weapons and kill dead walker tsunami of zombies in this vampire hunter game. This zombie apocalypse horror game put you in the futuristic war of Gunship vampire hunter zombie gunner of heavily armed by AC 130 having a high ground aircraft attack on zombieland. Killing waves of undead walking the army bases and fight for secret behind the bad infection that results the termination of globe. Zombies Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games vampire hunter puts you into grim world of zombie apocalypse w/h has no second chance for you to survive in horror game.

The most believable and terrible zombie killer game is here on play store. Keep a full grip strategic attack on waves of zombies as sky gambler and protect your survivors from zombie tsunami. This zombie run game is visualized in dark hunting environment where zombie horde arises from graves and they are thirsty for your survivors blood. Perform tactic spec ops & lead military army salvage zombieland gunship missions, shoot & kill zombies from above and defend your soldiers in horror game. Kill and throw back zombies into hell in this Zombie Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games.

The shadow strike gunship Rogue ally countries of zombie horde want to quadcopter fighter & destroy the peace of the drone warfare world, don’t kneel before this world of zombie & be drone death shooters. Call of Drone attack the infantry army warship bases, destroy the undead walker, hunt military and fleet multi-rotor aircraft, weapons and defend your country. If you don't want to be invaded by terror vampire hunter tsunami of zombies zombie attacks, build your ally hi-tech arsenal. UPGRADE your Gunner UCAV quadcopter Drone strike and equip it with high missiles and machine guns. Add and upgrade Multi-Target Shooting Missile system and huge destructive rockets to win over the zombie roadkill in rogue wars in this Halloween zombie invasion horror game.

Zombie Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games allows you to shoot down the zombies wave using heavy machine guns and RPGs equipped in your drone strike gunship. In this Special Operations, war commander you given multiple tasks like defend your army in zombieland, end the civil blood wars, destroy the laboratories deposits etc. Fire fleet missiles and attack on the communication system through gunship chopper of army causing chaos & destruction in military World of zombies war. Heavy explosions, incinerate laser, and diverse aircrafts to pilot.
You have two options! slay down the endless undead zombie waves or let your brain eaten.

Zombie Outbreak Gunship Survival Halloween Games Features :
 A Great Horror gameplay World of zombies story
 15 levels of total Frightful Scenes of zombie invasion
 Fantastic console HD Graphics Optimize for retina display
 Nerve wracking gameplay

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