Zombie Raft 2: Survival

Zombie Raft 2: Survival

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 4, 2021


Zombie Raft 2: Survival is a New epic zombie raft survival! Build ocean base, survive and escape from island!

There was a plane crash and you alone on a raft in the deep ocean. A wooden raft and a hook are at your disposal.

Nearby you can see floating boards, resource boxes. They will help you survive the night.

But this is an unusual ocean. These are not tropical islands for rest and here you will have to fight for your life. Hungry sharks live under water. Try to fight them off. Survive, craft new weapon or tool. Pickaxe for this will work too. Diamond weapons and instruments do more damage than wood or stone.

You are in the Zombie biome. Zombies spawn all around at night. Fight against dangerous enemies. They swim up to the raft and will try to get close to you and hit you! Zombie mutants are the most dangerous in this world. Build a fence to keep your life safe

Very important: Use the workbench to unlock recipes. Find a workbench in the recipes. Craft it. Place the workbench on the raft and look at the workbench and press the "A" button. This will open the crafting table recipe menu. This button will also help you open doors or use items such as a bed, garden bed, and others.

The ocean is very huge. Look around, there are islands around. Explore the island, try to collect all the items and natural resources on it. Searching caves and hiding places you will find ores.

Test yourself for strength. Build a raft and be saved!