Zombie Survival: Eternal War

Zombie Survival: Eternal War

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 10, 2021



In the aftermath of a nuclear war and the following plague, the world needs heroes now more than ever!

Many people survived the war... only to fall to the plague later. But for us survivors, there's no time to complain.

The only thing to do to rebuild our world is to fight the zombies! Gather up your courage, survivors!

Storm through dungeons of bullet hell, eliminating hordes of zombies as you go, and build up your city!

In Zombie Survival - Eternal War, it's your duty to pick up a gun and kill monsters, level up, grow your power, and hopefully become a war hero.

Do not fear death! In this war against zombies, every death is a new beginning.

Upgrade your equipment and stats to be able to push through levels, build your city and get ready for more!

The key to victory is to never give up. The only way is to eliminate them all!

As for your base, the oasis is not only one of the last shelters for survivors, but also the military headquarters for your heroes in Zombie Survival - Eternal War!

So build up your base, level up your headquarters, set up armories, steelworks and tech labs to produce the necessary resources and materials to craft better gear and construct buildings! Time to test your skills in city planning!

Guns and zombies, high-tech equipment, a post-apocalyptic world, an oasis, and a good old hero story.

Immerse yourself in a real-time shooting combat game, and enjoy a roguelike adventure in randomly generated dungeons.

Unlike most traditional dungeon explorers whose lives depend on their bows and arrows, here you need not archery but good marksmanship to survive this hell.

The game also involves building and construction management, along with the typical action & adventure RPG elements. So if you love fighting zombies and exploring dungeons, this is the place to be!

Zombie Survival: Eternal War Features:
- A roguelike shooting game, with action adventure RPG and city-building & management elements.
- Drag to move, release to shoot! Simple and easy to learn gameplay.
- Build and manage your base, level up your headquarters, construct and upgrade buildings, craft equipment, and research techs and perks.
- Resources for construction take time to produce, and the number of building slots that can be used in the city depends on the level of your HQ, so plan your city carefully!
- Explore random dungeons and shoot up zombies!
- Fun and thrilling combat system, shoot and avoid getting hit!
- With random maps and shooting skills in dungeons, every run is a new experience.
- Take part in events and collect even more rewards!

Now let's get to work and start shooting zombies!

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