Zombie Survival School

Zombie Survival School

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  • - Required Android: 11 and up
  • - Installs: 0+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 14, 2022


* There are still many shortcomings, but we will work hard to improve!

< Craft a variety of equipment >
Crafting weapons or equipment is essential for survival.
Explore your surroundings to get the materials you need and craft and use better equipment.

< Develop your base >
Survivors created a safe zone on the school roof. Eliminate zombies and upgrade safe zones.
Create a better environment.

< Defeat the zombies >
The school has been completely taken over by terrifying zombies.
In addition to ordinary zombies, various mutants threaten survivors.
Craft and equip powerful weapons to defeat the zombies in the school.

< Play with your online friends >
Meet your online friends in the safe zone or play with other players in multiple locations dedicated to training.
Compete your skills. We currently have free deathmatch and paintball team deathmatch zones.

< Grow your character >
Upgrade your survivors by equipping powerful gear and learning new survival skills.
As you grow your character, you can defend against attacks from zombies and other players.