ZOMBIE TD - Tower Defense Game

ZOMBIE TD - Tower Defense Game

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 17, 2021



Zombie TD - The best Shooter Game!

Zombie TD is a tower defense zombie game that allows you to live through dystopian events and rebuild the lost civilization. Can you survive and save the planet? Mow zombies like there is no tomorrow with this exciting tower defense zombie game!

If you are interested in shooter games with an apocalyptic theme and great storylines then this tower defense zombie game is definitely for you. In this game you will learn how to develop really intricate strategies to defend yourself from the rising threat. Typically other shooter games don’t have very good graphics and storylines, but this zombie idle defense game lets you mow zombies AND enjoy an atmospheric, picturesque gameplay.

This zombie idle defense game also has a very intuitive and easy interface. You will have a city map at your disposal where you will be able to see different locations that need your intervention. To be able to successfully defend your zombie-ridden city you will need to assemble a team of competent soldiers that will battle evil by your side. Enter the recruitment menu and see your options! Some soldiers cost more money to recruit but mow zombies better than others.

To be able to deploy your well thought out strategies you will also need a ride. Access the transportation menu by clicking on the little car icon. You can start with a simple cheap vehicle and change to something more reliable as you progress in this zombie idle defense game. Grow your powerful army and buy tanks to crush zombies like flies! You will also be able to purchase other fun vehicles like busses, trucks, and different military vehicles.

Of course what kind of shooter game would it be without weapons? Since zombie defense games are full of, well...zombies, you will need firearms to protect your army and attack the enemies! This zombie strategy game offers you a wide selection of firearms such as revolvers, shotguns, tacticals and many more. Make sure to try them all to see which guns work best for you and your intricate strategies!

To get started with your battle, access the map and choose a location. If you have tried and enjoyed other zombie defense games in the past, you will definitely have a good time while trying to reclaim parts of your city. The key to zombie strategy games like this is to find a good combination of weapons and special characters in your team with their unique abilities. Execute your strategies down to the very exact position on the fighting field. Everything matters, even where you park your vehicle! Hide behind it to get an advantage while shooting enemies in this shooter game.

Zombie strategy games like this one are also good for exercising your brain and getting better at logical thinking. Control each character and thrive as you liberate your city and watch the map change before your eyes! Shooter games like this one also help you improve at other shooter games in general since they require a similar thinking process.

By the way, have we mentioned all the loot you can get as you progress and crush the enemies? Deploy your strategies and see how fast you can conquer your city!

Zombie defense games like this one are also excellent for playing with your friends. Compete and see who plans better strategies and reclaims the city faster!

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