Zombie War Z

Zombie War Z

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  • - Required Android: 500+
  • - Installs: 79M
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 22, 2018


Why play fair? Recruit the Zombie Hordes and fight for Survival in Zombie War Z!

Take control of the last remnants of the HDF Defense Forces and defend the World from the Undead Scourge in Zombie War!

Storm the battlefield, rescue civilians and restore overrun military bases to operational status. Reinforce your fortress, stockpile your resources, research new technologies and retake the world from the Undead!

Embark on a strategic adventure to figure out what caused the Zombie Outbreak! Recruit the last remnants of Special Forces units all over the world, and then push back the Undead Hordes!

The Undead don't play by our rules, so why should we? Convert captured Zombies to our cause, and use them to help save humankind! Fight in a sprawling 200 stage Single-Player Story, Steal resources in Plunder PvP, and then exert your dominance in Guild Territorial Warfare!

Play Zombie War Z today!

➤ ADVANCE through 200 Story Battles & Solve the Mysterious Zombie Outbreak!
➤ COLLECT over 70 Legendary Heroes, Elite Soldiers, Monsters & Behemoth Zombies!
➤ CRAFT Gear and UPGRADE Skills. Ensure your Team is ready for Combat!
➤ BUILD and REINFORCE your Fortress, a Safe Haven from the Horde!
➤ DISPATCH Units on Plunder PvP, wreak havoc and steal Opponent Resources!
➤ CREATE or JOIN a Zombie or Human Guild! Embark on Guild Missions!
➤ FIGHT in Daily Battles, Infinite Dungeon Tower, Hero War, Guild Raid & More!
➤ PARTICIPATE in exciting Real-Time World Raids & Guild Territorial Warfare!

Questions or Suggestions on how to Save the World? Reach us at zombiewar@ludic.games!

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