Zombie Z: Survival Rules to Survive the Apocalypse

Zombie Z: Survival Rules to Survive the Apocalypse

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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 13, 2021


Online Zombies Defense Games

In an instant, everything collapses. No food. No lights. No resources to survive but zombies are still attacking your city. The survivors are screaming and panicking

There is no safe zone. The empire z has been infected from coast to coast. Countless millions are dead, and yet more are infected. People have died from the disease in all states. Would you have what it takes to survive?

Welcome to the Zombie Z: Survival Rules. Ready for a strategy survival game

Your empire z needs you to bring the faintest glimpse of hope. Hope that the human race may yet win through. Hope that some may survive. Hope that this great nation may still have one last fight left in this zombies. Now it is survival time, as the surviving military and government have gone underground

Don't stop! Don't give up! Don't breathe! They are in the air

Zombie Z: Survival Rules (ZOZ) - In this survival game, you will take upon the role of a commander of an empire z in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Attack zombie apocalypse and grow your empire z to help the survivors and strengthen anti-zombie alliances with other players. Become a zombie hunter! It's time for survival

ZOZ is a strangely addicting the mix between idle game combined with defense game elements. More, in this survival game you not only completely work but also have a relaxing date, have fun and create your own romantic story with the beauties in the game. How interesting your love story is

Main features

Multiplayer PvP World War - Hold your head high as a commander and march bravely onto a battlefield of global terror to claim glory! There's a war out there and it's all about survival! Stop the apocalypse

Building - Build yourself an Empire strong enough for shelter to survive the war to end all wars in the MMO battlefield

Strategy multiplayer MMO RPG - Manage your resources, upgrade your army, level-up beauty, evolve and star-up tank system, optimizing your defense system and attack tactics to survive the zombie apocalypse at all costs

Sniper PvP – Mini-game help you earn money and rank up quickly by taking part in exciting zombies hunting Headshot PvP battles with other players and placing your bets. The rewards will be huge if you are good enough and reckless

Army Alliances - Make friends and build relationships with your allies. Work together using different strategies to defeat the zombies and other alliances in this RPG

Heroes system, turn the tides of battle - Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, there are TONS of heroes that can help you out to battle with strategy. Get your heroes trained up

Chat - Connect with other players from around the world in a real time conversation! We have designed a lot of emoticon sets ready for you to have fun chatting and making friends everywhere

Love affairs - 42 and more beautiful Playmates are trapped in the zombie apocalypse. Rescue all the Playmates before they are gone

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Rip up the Rulebook! Play by your own survival rules! Build your own empire, gain power and survive the zombie apocalypse now

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