Zompiercer - Last Zombie Train Survival

Zompiercer - Last Zombie Train Survival

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Welcome to the World of Zombie Apocalypse! The zombie virus has struck all life on the planet, left to survive after the apocalypse.

You need to move on a train, to get resources and craft everything you need for life, build a train bunker survival.

Game Zompiercer - Last Zombie Train first person and online survival game.


☆ Hunting wild animals and zombies day survival ????‍♀️
☆ Crafting resources
☆ Exciting and varied quests
☆ Search for items necessary for survival in abandoned cities
☆ Unkilled zombie boss fight
☆ Build and strengthen your shelter. Train your shelter games craft
☆ Protect your base and yourself from the dangerous zombie apocalypse games
☆ Zombie multiplayer post-apocalyptic games
☆ Exciting storyline, hardcore and fight for the life after!

You have to get to a safe place and figure out the reason for the unexpected attack of the dead in prey day earth survival.

Upgrade your shelter - a train with which you will experience your survival. You will find yourself in the post apocalyptic survival games, this is the world wasteland survival. Last shelter survival train - all you have left.
Many dangers await you, fight for your life and your friends!
Move, collect the resources for the state of survival in the world of the zombie apocalypse.
Craft survival stations for processing resources, workbenches for the production of materials, get rare materials in abandoned cities filled with zombie simulator. Build a safe house for survival with your friends and start playing zombie shooting games without internet!

Zombie invasion will lie in wait for you in the most unexpected places. The rules of survival: get ready at any time to launch an attack as if it were the last day on earth survival! Defending against zombies survival must be reliable. Collect resources and create the most powerful weapons and armor for your protection. This will help you kill the zombies from the weapon. Don't forget to create fuel for your train to avoid being among the crowd of survival zombies. Improve your hunting skills to shoot zombies. Wait for on their dawn of zombies!

You will explore many abandoned cities, dark forests, high mountains to stay alive. Mine and craft resources to surviving in the post-apocalypse world. Life after survival game. All locations are inhabited by deadly zombie enemies! Adventure, shooter and survival are everywhere.

In the world there is only you last of survival, your friends last survivor and millions of appocalypse zombie. You have to repel crowds of zombies, fight zombie bosses, you can crush the zombies that got in the way of your train!

Zompiercer - Last Zombie Train Craft and Last Survival is the best zombie survival games.

Discover the best 3D online zombie apocalypse simulator.

You are the last one left alive: build a z shelter survival from zombies, make new routes, craft weapons, shoot at zombies, and try to survive in the zombie world.

Zompiercer - Last Zombie Train Craft and Survival is a free mobile online RPG game! Join the online zombie game with your friends, online survival games are the most popular!

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