Bird Fighter Match

Bird Fighter Match

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Bird Fighter Match is puzzle RPG with unique gameplay setting you in the role of an avian adventurer.

Hop into the role of a bird warrior who wields a sword and shield in addition to a having a limited magical inventory, travelling to complete its mission of setting free the Sacred Animals from the dark spell.

Your mighty rooster hero traverses various dungeon style arenas while simultaneously making matches. Besides matching up items, you’ll also come across enemies on a regular basis. Some enemies are harder than others, so fight wisely.

Do not avoid performing tasks as the experience earned goes towards boosting your abilities overall and will help you to fight enemies at higher levels.

Bird Fighter Match doesn’t restrict you to a time or move limit, so you can spend as long as you want exploring a level, and there are certainly plenty of options in each environment. Each stage has with multiple routes to take.

Game Features:
- 3D models for characters and environments
- Tap or swipe movement control
- No time or move limit
- Multiple routes to take at each stage
- Fight legendary bosses
- Collect jewels and swords to get more power