Evergleam Hill

Evergleam Hill

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Evergleam Hill lets you mine gold, customize your appearance from head to toes, decorate your house, forge tools, cook for your pets, dress them up and even fish for real surprises.

Evergleam Hill may seem like a quiet and cozy town, but what you mine can change your world!


DECORATE YOUR DREAMS! Evergleam Hill is a world born of our collective dreams. The house on top of a hill overlooking the Evergleam Tree is yours. Wake up in this new world, meet our unique and charming villagers and let your gold-mining adventure begin! Expect new features to drop in constantly!


THE MORE GOLD THE BETTER! Your main goal is to mine for gold. Collect as much gold as you can, hone your skills, buy, forge and upgrade tools to help you mine faster. This gold is your ticket to making the impossible possible.


ADORABLE PETS! Pets allow you to find gold even if you’re not playing. In Evergleam Hill, pets come from the moon and visit our dream to spend time with us. Dress them up, feed them, let them spend time at our Daydream Care Sanctuary and they’ll search for gold and other resources. Check up on them, read their cute, quirky and sometimes bizarre thoughts in their journal and witness how quickly they make you rich.


GET GOLD CHUNKS! Mining nets you gold chunks; just walk into town and visit the First Bank of Evergleam Hill to melt those chunks into some cute gold bars. Gold bars can be traded for lots of prizes.


YOUR SKILLS ARE REWARDED! Gone are the days where achievements are simply virtual points. In Evergleam Hill, Achievements are like a contest. Meetees, baby meteorites, have fallen to earth. It is up to you to find them. Complete over 400 different quests to find those Meetees then send them back to space to see what you can get.


FISH FOR NON-FISH! Besides mining, fishing enthusiasts can also politely ask cute worms to help them fish for... something that isn't really a fish. Have you ever fished a motorcycle from a pond before?


FEED YOUR PETS AND SHARPEN YOUR TOOLS! Mine for minerals and ingredients and use them to sharpen your tools and feed your pets. Better tools help you mine quicker and tasty food is a good incentive for your pets to find more gold!


SHOP TILL YOU DROP! Step right into the HOTNOW EVERHOT HUT and see why gold bars are the key to your dreams!


TRADE ITEMS TO OTHER PLAYERS! Trade in-game items with other players on the marketplace for fame and prestigious profit!


MEET THE MOONMUNK! Evergleam Hill has a few raffles going on. Log-in frequently and send a little chipmunk to the moon to retrieve some unique rewards for you! Don’t like the rewards? Donate them to the Evergleam Tree to receive some in-game bonuses!


DIG THROUGH THE SECRETS OF LUMINARY! The ground may be ripe for gold, but look up in the sky and you’ll find even more of it! Luminary, the elusive floating island has even gold that can only be found there. The risk is higher but so are the rewards!

...or just lay back and enjoy Evergleam Hill, the town of your dreams!