From Today Blacksmith : Free

From Today Blacksmith : Free

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Live as a blacksmith, more noble than a warrior!

There is a high-minded blacksmith on top of an outstanding warrior!

The role of a blacksmith in the medieval fantasy world is beyond description.

The story of life as a blacksmith begins, creating the best weapons and defenses for the warriors.

◆ Content
- Playable in 7 languages(Korean, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese).
- Create new weapons and defenses at different levels.
- Over 200 weapons and armor can be produced.
- Fabricate equipment using a combination of 150 materials
- Employed mercenaries to defeat monsters and acquire rare materials.
- Price bargains through dialogue
- Blacksmith upbringing system

Content will continue to be updated.

※ Save game
Game data is stored on your mobile phone or Google Drive. In addition, game data stored on Google Drive can be synchronized with paid versions.

※ Caution: offline game
This game doesn't have a separate server. All data is stored on your device only, so deleting the app will prevent you from recovering the data.

※ Refund
Within two hours of purchasing the app, you can use the refund button provided by Google.
However, you will not be able to receive a separate refund after 2 hours.

Ask for a refund: [email protected]