Pig Strike Simulator 2019

Pig Strike Simulator 2019

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Pick Your Crazy Pig To Destroy City With Distraction Powers!

Play this new amazing pig strike simulator 2019 game where you will destroy city and different locations with your mad pig.

The pig has decided to run away from farm and start a new life, then he came to the city where he don’t know how to live and people became him angry as well.

So he decided to destroy city. In this pig strike simulator 2019 game there are five different locations.

First enter into the forest were you smash some objects in the second part of game farm with animals and complete some challenging and crazy mission.

In the third part you have to demolish and scare animals, then go to the warehouse and make everyone cry. In the last one is a huge city where you demolish gas stations, houses and make the final mess.

In this pig strike simulator 2019 game you have time challenge you have to complete your crazy challenges with in the given time where there is a rotating time clock.

Enjoy this activate mode where you have to destroy as many objects as you can. Yes don’t forget when you will destroy many objects you will earn more points.

Just feel the demolish power of pig with crazy task and new challenging levels. You have new amazing high quality environments and objects.

Pig Strike Simulator 2019 Features:-
• Different Environments To Destroy
• Multiple Levels & Crazy Challenges
• Multiple Pigs To Create Distraction
• Stunning Graphics & Super Animations
• Smooth Controls